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My name is Greg.  I have a Jeep problem.  I have owned at least 11 Jeeps in the past twenty-five years.

Currently, I have a stalled Willys CJ-3A restore project and a 2001 Wrangler Sport. The Wrangler is my son’s daily driver, but dear old dad does the maintenance.

You may reach me at greg (at) rejeep (dot) com. Also, please consider joining my mailing list. Just submit the form below. If I can gather enough subscribers, I may be pursuaded to startup the Willys project again.


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  1. Nice, nice fish catch and your Willys looks great! There is nothing lnknoweiig the offroad jeep good luck moving on your resto don’t feel badin your slow restore project. We have two willys, 1947 CJ2-A and 1956DJ3-A, moving slow in retoring them .tooEd. Santi..

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